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Sod pallets in Davenport

Rock delivery in the Davenport, Florida area.

Davenport - we deliver to you Monday through Saturday! Our retail location is open 6 days a week for pick up or perusal!

Decorative rock varies greatly in pricing. The most popular choice is Tan River Rock, as it is both beautiful and cost effective.

Lava rock is a popular choice in Florida - it lends itself well to a tropical look under palm trees or other leafy green plants. Semonile chip is another option - it is also red in color, but has a smoother surface instead of porous.

Tan River Rock, Lava Rock, Snow White Marble Chips, Half inch Brown Pea Rock, Seminole Chip, Gray Granite, Timberlite, Drainfield, Crushed Concrete and Concrete Fines.

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Rock types available for pickup or delivery

•Tan River Rock•
•Pea Rock•
•Lava Rock•
•Cruched Concrete•
•White Marble•
•Gray Granite•
•And More...•

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